Private house in St. Petersburg (Russia)


A project that combines walk-in closet’s new classical style to imperial design of the kitchen.

Walk-in closet provides space for drawers, shoes, mirror, clothes and trousers hangers: a wide range for inside equipment. Composition is flexible: thanks to removable shelves it may change according to different needs. Open space shows kitchen “DIVA”, a composition which interacts with living room.  The bar counter makes the room smart and comfortable.

International congress center in Algery


CIC- Algery, international congress center, a unique and surprising new building, thought  to offer a warm welcome and at the same time to provide a professional management of each event, thanks to customized services.

We realized wooden ceilings decorated with carvings, which clearly refers to Arabic Style; shaped and carved columns of different heights up to 5 metres; carvings either handmade and by using high-tech machinery.

Boiserie made up of solid walnut wood with rounded decorative elements with real “mother-of-pearl” setting; archways with wooden carvings combined to those on the ceiling.

Moldavia Embassy


Production of executive spaces’ furnishings inside the embassy, referred to several rooms and precisely:

External structure of the lift with shaped and carved columns;

Secretary’s office including doors, boiserie and ceiling;

Meeting room including writing table, bookshelves with shaped decorative elements, wheel-chairs;

Customized furniture for bathroom;

Billiard room: billiard table, sideboard, coffee table of different sizes;

Doors including structure and frame, with glass;

Windows including structure and frame;

Wooden cover for radiator;

Glass cabinets, consoles, coffee tables, upholstered benches.

Customized kitchen, private house in Moscow (Russia)


Customized kitchen made up of solid oak wood enriched by the new finishing with shades of ash- grey tone combined with gold and black colours and the precious Calacatta marble top.

Raw materials are real protagonists in this collection. Oak wood is the perfect element which combines contemporary trend and strength, thanks to linear design which reveals a scenographic impact: a dynamic room to live daily in.

New spaces to organize the kitchen at its best, with flexible elements disposition.

The cooker hood, with openings on both sides, is the heart of the composition; upper doors, without handles, equipped with push pull opening system.

Private house in Treviso (Italy)


A relaxing space with modern and refined design.

The combination between grey nuances and different materials, natural wood and dull finishings      creates a comfortable surrounding.

The boiserie in the hall, including led lights,  shows a geometrical design which hides the recess doors with retractable handles.

The TV set in the dining room shows an opening base unit covered with ECOMALTA and a big reflecting glass which permits to watch the TV hidden behind it.

The same type of glass was choosed for the hanging glass cabinets with polished finishing.

Loft in Trieste (Italy)


Nearby the historical center in Trieste rises this recently restored loft, furnished in classical style by “Lubiex by Essegi”.

The owners choosen customized furniture combining doors of “Ca Venier” collection with frame and structure of “Luigi Filippo” model to create an armonious surrounding with contemporary design. The bright spaces are enriched by white finishing and the choice of oak natural wood which characterized each room in this smart house. 

Private house in Samara (Russia)


The ideal walk-in-closet to keep all clothes and accessories in special cases and bearings to hang or keep the order. This means to have within reach all that you need and the right space to keep what you will not need until next season. Enough space to move easily and a big mirror: details which give the best comfort.  

Private house in Capri


Located in the historical center in Capri, the house has 2 floors.

The first one develops an open space with kitchen and living room; a comfortable space enriched by “Palladiana” collection in white finishing, Rosa Asiago marble top and sink, which shows the same carved decoration as the cooker hood.

The upper floor shows a refined space with boiserie; the bedroom furnished with “Olimpia” collection elements in white and silver finishing, while walk-in-closet and customized compositions complete the furnishings of other rooms.